8 Best Magnetic Bracelets for pain relief in 2018

The theory of magnetic therapy revolves around the idea that through the application of magnets on the skin can relieve or even eliminate  various types of pain. Sports teams, elderly communities or individuals who practice holistic medicine are the main targeted audience who use the magnetic therapy.

Magnets are believed  to be effective against nerve and joint pain, and there have even been individuals who claimed that they have had their back pain fixed with magnetic bracelets.

These bracelets have appeared out of the need to devise a way in which the body can be exposed to the healing powers of the magnets continuously. Magnetic therapy bracelets are currently produced by many different companies, each of which has its own designs and preferred materials.

It is important to remember that choosing a magnetic bracelet should not be taken lightly. You are, in fact, buying a therapeutic device that is meant to be worn on a daily basis.

3 points to consider when selecting a magnetic bracelet

  1. The length of a bracelet should be large enough to allow you to place one finger between it and your wrist. If it is too tight, it may stop the blood from correctly circulating to or from your hand and cause more damage than good.
  2. Another thing that those interested in acquiring a magnetic bracelet should pay attention to is the materials from which they are made. These devices contain more than magnetic materials, some of which may cause allergies. Check to see if you are allergic to any type of metal before making a purchase.
  3. Some people are afraid that the magnets in the bracelets will interfere with cellphones or other electronic equipment. In order to damage modern electronic devices, the magnets would have to be much more powerful and quite larger. It is advised to refrain from using them if you are using a pacemaker, however.

Most of the people who have had joint pain fixed with magnetic bracelets have initially tried this remedy as a last resort. To their surprise, these functional pieces of jewelry did not only work in alleviating or making the pain disappear, but also in regulating blood pressure.

Here are the 8 best magnetic bracelets in 2018 that will help fight anything from joint pain to arthritis:

1. Being USA White Ceramic Therapy Bracelet

Being USA White Ceramic Therapy BraceletGet this Bracelet on Amazon

Being USA claims that the product is effective against mild to moderate joint pain. Also, the manufacturers advertise that it should work within 48 hours. As far as its appearance is concerned, the
bracelet is completely white and has a shine that will not go away with time. The fact that it is made from ceramic is, however, both a blessing and a curse. The advantage of the material is that the device can be worn non-stop. It will not rust or cause any type of rash or irritation. Unfortunately, when compared
to other models, the Being USA White Ceramic Therapy Bracelet is less durable. Regardless of its quality build, the ceramic material used will always be less durable than metal and may shatter.

2. Zenturio Limited Quad Rosé Titanium Edition exclusive magnet

Zenturio Limited Quad Rosé Titanium Edition Health braceletGet this Bracelet on Amazon

This is one German built bracelet that is presented by its manufacturers as a great way to relieve pain caused by migraines, joint problems, rheumatism, arthritis or skin problems. The device’s build quality is
superior to say the least. The Limited Quad Rosé Titanium Edition exclusive magnet is made from high-purity germanium, titanium and silver. The company also guarantees that the actual bracelet that holds the titanium segment is made from non-carcinogenic materials. The downside of this product is that the rubber materials used in its build are not hypoallergenic and may cause irritation if worn for long periods of time.


3. Being USA Black and Silver Dynamo Pain Bracelet

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Perfect for those looking for a heavy, thick bracelet, this rugged piece of medicinal jewelry from Being USA is advertised as a perfect solution for severe types of join and back pain. The device is made from
stainless steel and comes equipped with the proprietary BEING magnet technology. The best part of this model is that it comes with a 30-day warranty. Unfortunately, the bulk of the bracelet makes it unsuitable for women.

4. Sabona Men’s Realtree Camo Magnum Magnetic Bracelet

This rugged magnetic bracelet is one of the most effective magnetic bracelets available. It is built from stainless steel and features detailed camo print on the links. It’s inconspicuous, built to last and comes in three sizes: 7’0”; 7’.5” and 8’0”. While it is perfect for the great outdoors, the fact that it looks like a piece of military equipment makes it unsuitable for anything but casual outfits.

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5. Sabona Stainless/Copper Link Magnetic Bracelet

Sabona Stainless/Copper Link Magnetic BraceletA more interesting model manufactured by Sabona, this bracelet is built from stainless steel, magnets and copper. This model features the same resilient design of the previously listed model and it looks great.
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The magnets used have a strength of 1200 Gauss and are placed in each large link. The copper components can be a great advantage for many people, but it can also be poisonous to some. All individuals who are allergic should seriously consider the risks of wearing this bracelet. And by the way, this is a very ideal bracelet for woman.

6. Sabona 35770 Tungsten Carbide Magnetic Bracelet

Sabona 35770 Tungsten Carbide Magnetic BraceletBuy this Sabona Bracelet Now

Another Sabona bracelet, this one perfectly balances looks and functionality. It is scratch resistant, highly resilient and contains 1200 gauss samarium cobalt magnets in each of its tungsten carbide links. Although this model is not made of stainless steel, it will not rust, as it does not contain any iron. Unfortunately, carbide does degrade over time, especially when exposed to various chemical substances such as the chlorine used for cleaning.

7. Adjustable-fit Stainless Steel 14k God Plated Magnetic Health and Golf Cuff Bracelet

Adjustable-fit Stainless Steel 14k God Plated Magnetic Health and Golf Cuff BraceletManufactured by Unique Royal Jewelry this bracelet is as much a healing item as it is a fashion statement. Its design makes it a piece of valuable jewelry. The company can even engrave the gold parts with custom
names or messages and can even customize it with diamonds. From a functional point of view, this model comes with 4 magnets.

While it does look amazing, the gold plating may be too much bling for some people. Furthermore, the fact that the bracelet has no locking mechanism makes wearing it extremely risky.

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8. Adjustable-fit Stainless Steel Magnetic Health and Golf Cuff Bracelet

This is a more basic example of Unique Royal Jewelry artisan-ship. While not being gold plated it does feature the same classic, elegant design that the company has offered its clients in the past. Also, the
company can customize the bracelet with engravings or precious materials. The great thing about an adjustable-fit design is the fact that not only will it fit everyone, but also that it is unisex. Unfortunately, this means that it cannot be secured in any way. While the bracelet is unlikely to fall off on its own, it can get caught up in various things such as clothes or branches.

djustable-fit Stainless Steel Magnetic Health and Golf Cuff BraceletGet this Bracelet on Amazon

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